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Positively Manhattanville Focuses on Kindness

Positively ManhattanvilleEvery year, the Counseling and Health Centers at Manhattanville College present a program that encompasses health, wellness, and information for the entire Manhattanville community.

In conjunction with the recent attempts to facilitate a more wholesome and integrated community, this year's event, entitled "Positively Manhattanville: Kindness...Pay it Forward," focuses on the emotional effects of committing acts of kindness.

For the event, students and faculty members are encouraged to get together at the Quad on Thursday, April 12, starting at 10 a.m. and participate in creating a banner that displays positive acts of kindness by members of the Manhattanville community.

"We thought we would emphasize and hopefully inspire our community to look at the good deeds, both large and small, that are done each day in our community and what difference such behavior yields," said Pamela Duncan, Executive Director of the Counseling and Health Centers.

Participating members of the community will be provided with a free T-shirt, in addition to valuable information regarding positive psychology, exercise, nutrition stress reduction, sleep and healthy living. Members who cannot attend are encouraged to complete an index card with their written contribution and drop it at the Health or Counseling Center by Monday, April 9.

"This is a deliberate focus on the positive and uplifting and will hopefully be contagious," said Duncan.