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Diversity Workshop Brings Together the Manhattanville Community

On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, the Manhattanville College community came together to celebrate diversity on campus with "Realizing Our Mission: Mville Embracing Diversity," a full day of workshops. Nearly 300 students, faculty, and staff came out in support of this event sponsored by Seeds of Peace, the Duchesne Center for Religion and Social Justice, and the Diversity Task Force.

The idea behind the workshops was to provide a forum for the community to continue to embrace Manhattanville's diversity mission: "to educate students to be ethical and socially responsible leaders in the global community."

"Today's event really demonstrates how a group of committed students can have positive impact on a campus community," said Dean of Students Brandon Dawson.

Tim Wilson, International Advisor and Director of Seeds of Peace, Maine moderated the event. He hosted workshops on bridging the cultural gap, the current shape of Manhattanville's community, and the next steps in continuing to celebrate diversity.

"The idea is to have a discussion all day," he said. "The essential question to address is what can be done to make this campus better than what is outside."

Participants were divided into groups for discussions and brainstorming of ideas that would contribute to the continual building of a wholesome community.

"I can honestly say it has been one of the programs I've been most proud to be involved with since I started working here," Roger Drew, Global Citizenship Coordinator for the Duchesne Center, said.

In conjunction with the event, the Diversity Task Force, a group of students dedicated to encouraging positive campus integration and celebrating the diversity within the Manhattanville community, worked on developing a "Valiant Pledge" that was displayed in the Berman Students' Center. The pledge, influenced by Athletics' "Valiant Way" was statement about what the college stands for and the duties of the each individual as a member of the Manhattanville Community.

The Task Force hopes that future members will continue the legacy that is being created and work towards the continual growth of the College.

"We hope to try and motivate the other students," said Christine Hugh, a member of the Task Force. "I hope that we will leave a mark so that other students will continue to use this taskforce as a guide."