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The International Bazaar Celebrates 35 Years of Diversity

International Bazaar 210x130Manhattanville College's 35th Annual International Bazaar is Friday, March 2 in the East Room. Hosted by the International Student Organization (ISO), the Bazaar is one of the most cherished traditions at Manhattanville. It is a celebration of the variety of cultures represented by students in the Community.

This year's theme is "Mixing Flavors." In the past, it was expected that most people would attend the event in ethnic costumes representing their own cultures. However, for the Bazaar's 35th anniversary, everyone is encouraged to wear traditional clothing based on any culture they choose.

Visit the Manhattanville Facebook for photos of the event.

The International Bazaar dinner is an opportunity for the Manhattanville Community to try cuisines from many parts of the world while enjoying creative and energetic performances by students, including a fashion show, dances, music and much more. Exciting games and contests acquaint and reacquaint the community with diverse cultural insights. The perennial contest favorite is the Eat-A-Bug challenge, which features crunchy, dehydrated creatures, a protein-rich delicacy in parts of South East Asia.

"As always, this year promises to be a lot of fun," said L.A. Adams, Director of International Student Services and long-standing advisor to the ISO. "It's always full of surprises, even to me. I love seeing what the kids put together on stage, and the food is such a treat."

Another exciting aspect of the International Bazaar is the raffle that takes place throughout the evening. Everyone who attends automatically earns one raffle ticket and those performing have the opportunity to earn more. The grand prize this year is an iPad 2. Other prizes include a digital camera, a Nintendo Wii, headphones, and more.

The Bazaar starts at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 2. Manhattanville students can enter with a meal swipe. For more information, contact the ISO president Yusra Abbas at