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Student Profile: Liz Adams

Liz Adams 117Liz Adams was just a high school freshman when The Colbert Report premiered in September 2005, but after seeing that first episode with her father, the witty antics had her hooked. The show quickly became a constant presence at her house and Adams' prime source for news. Already a film and television enthusiast, Adams knew she had to one day work at The Colbert Report. It was a family dream. It wasn't a task she took lightly.

"I did research on it from the time I was in high school, and all I seemed to find were articles on how it was an incredibly difficult internship to get and very sought after," Adams, a senior at Manhattanville College, said. "I resolved that I'd keep looking when I got some experience and see what happened."

Experience isn't something Adams is short on. From a young age, her parents had been taking her to foreign film festivals and local film society events. Adams remembers telling people she wanted to be a director in the fourth grade.

"I remember quite vividly saying, 'I'm going to end a movie with the bad guy winning. That'd be so different. But then I'd put a note at the end saying in real life the bad guys never win.' I suppose I outgrew that notion, but the film thing always stuck," she said.

Adams lost her father in 2008 and though it was difficult, she continued to thrive and entered Manhattanville as a history major with a minor in film studies. Four years later, she has had more than one high-profile internship and this winter, Adams started as an intern at The Colbert Report in New York City. A dream realized.

"He (my dad) unfortunately never got to see me get this internship, but I know how proud he would be were he here," she said.

Adams is excited to spend her days working with all the different departments on the show and revisiting her love of television.

"I find a fulfillment in following television characters and storylines for years that you cannot get when you only watch a movie for one hour and 45 minutes," Adams said. "I would like to work in television development, essentially reading pilots and spec scripts in an attempt to develop an idea into a full series. But who knows? Maybe I'll love television so much that I'll want to work in production, maybe even at Colbert full-time if I'm lucky enough!"

Last summer, Adams earned an internship with Samuel Goldwyn Films in Los Angeles in the Development and Acquisitions Department. This meant Adams was reading scripts and screening films, making recommendations on whether the company should pursue the project. She also interned at NBC Universal in Studio City, California, as a social media marketing intern, where she worked on a social media ad campaign for a new television show on the Food Network.

Adams isn't positive which market she'd like to work in just yet, though she can see the pros and cons of each choice thanks to her internships.

"Right now it's up in the air," she said. "I am currently in the middle of two choices: LA vs. New York and television vs. film. I have lived and worked in both and each has their benefits and drawbacks. I think that in this economy and job climate, it just all depends on where I can get a job."