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Graduate and Professional Studies Brings Bruce Nussbaum to Manhattanville
Friday, 07 March 2014 12:32


Insight into LeadershipCourtesy of Co-CommunicationsAuthor Bruce Nussbaum’s talk as part of Manhattanville College’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies “Insights into Leadership” speaker series has been featured in a Journal News blog.

During the event Nussbaum spoke about creativity being an essential part of business success. There was also a panel discussion moderated by Marsha Gordon, CEO of the Business Council of Westchester and featured Larry Gottlieb, CEO of Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp., Chris Maher, CEO of House Party, Jim Giangrande, managing director and partner at Altium Wealth Management, and Dani Glaser, founder and CEO of Green Team Spirit.

The next discussion in the “Insight into Leadership” series will be on April 7, and will have the theme, “The Power of Building Content and Community.” E-mail for more information.

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