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Creative Writing Program’s Manhattanville Review Celebrates First Anniversary
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 14:41

The Manhattanville Review

The Manhattanville Review, an online journal created by Manhattanville College’s MFA in Creative Writing Program, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City Sunday, May 25.

The Manhattanville Review is a reincarnation of Inkwell, the MFA Program’s former literary journal, which is no longer in print. Unlike its predecessor, the Manhattanville Review is exclusively online, which is easier to produce and eliminates the paperwork which allows the students running it to be more involved in the editorial decisions, Camille Rankine, assistant director of the MFA in Creative Writing Program and editorial director of the Manhattanville Review, said.

She added that being online also allows it to reach a wider audience. “We didn’t have a lot of subscribers to Inkwell; it was a respected journal but it wasn’t very widely read. Online, our reach is potentially everybody who has an Internet connection, so that brings a lot more attention to the writers and artists that we do publish.”

Tiffany Ferrentini, one of the editors of the Manhattanville Review, also noted that being online is a lot more efficient. The editors used a web platform, Submittable, to collect submissions, which allows each of the editors to make notes on each piece, as well as accept and decline submissions.

“When we were working on Inkwell we only accepted submissions through the mail, so if we were going through submissions and someone had a whole stack of papers, no one else could review them and give their input until that person was done,” said Ferrentini, who is pursuing her MFA  at Manhattanville.

Working on the Manhattanville Review gives students in the MFA Program the opportunity to get involved in the editorial process as well as improve their writing skills. Rankine said, “As a writer I think it’s really helpful to see what goes into that process and learn from that. You learn how submissions are viewed by editors and how you want to present yourself in order to have the strongest submission possible.”

“I think it’s all about the hands-on experience,” said Barbara Perez Marquez, a student in the MFA Program and one of the editors of the journal. “Through the Manhattanville Review I get the chance to be behind the scenes. We learn about what goes on in the heads of editors and, in turn, that prepares us to be betters writers.”

The anniversary celebration will feature readings from Erika K. Stanley ‘13, winner of this year’s Alumni Contest, Charif Shanahan, contributor and programs director for the Poetry Society of America, Dina Nayeri, author of “A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea,” and Manhattanville Professor Elizabeth Eslami, contributor and winner of the Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction.

The event will begin at 6 p.m., and is free and open to all who want to attend. Find out more by visiting its Facebook Page.

Read the Manhattanville Review online here