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Manhattanville’s First Year Community Service Month Starts March 20
Friday, 07 March 2014 16:32

Community Garden at Manhattanville

Several Manhattanville organizations have teamed up to initiate a First Year Community Service Month with programs focused on making the Manhattanville campus and surrounding community sustainable.

The heart of the project came from the First Year Foundations of Excellence in an attempt to identify ways academics and student life could be integrated for first year students.  While the month of programs are geared towards first year students Wil Tyrrell, director of the Duchesne Center for Religion and Social Justice and one of the first initiators, hopes the entire community will become involved.

“This is a campus wide initiative to celebrate the different forms of sustainability at Manhattanville,” said Tyrrell. “Although the programs are targeted towards freshmen, it is open to the entire campus and there will be wonderful activities for all students, faculty and staff to be a part of. We need to own our campus; we can’t rely on others to take care of it for us.”

From Thursday, March 20 to Sunday, April 27 multiple activities on and off campus will be available for volunteers to become involved with. These include programs that are regularly offered through the Duchesne Program, such as assisting at PubliColor and Sprout Creek Farm, and also new programs designed specifically for the First Year Community Service Month. For instance, the Duchesne Program has teamed with the town of Harrison to get Manhattanville students involved with its Spring Clean-Up weekend. 

In addition to programs hosted by the Duchesne Center, Residence Life is supporting many programs on campus during the First Year Community Service Month. During much of April these programs will focus on making the Manhattanville campus beautiful through sustainable initiatives such as planting trees and flowers, collecting garbage and working on the community garden with hopes of making students aware of how they should treat their own campus.

Alexis Moore, resident director assistant and president of the Sustainability Committee, was excited to be involved in creating a project that involves freshmen students in being more sustainably conscientious. 

 “We decided to coordinate a number of on campus initiatives that already exist in addition to creating new ones so that for the month students on campus can become more involved with the Manhattanville community,” said Moore. “We are gearing it towards freshmen in the hope of inculcating a passion for service, justice, and sustainability that will continue over the years.”

If you are interested in being involved in any of the sustainability programs contact Wil Tyrrell for more information.