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Give More HUGS Unites with Manhattanville College Students to Help Underprivileged Youth
Friday, 31 January 2014 17:20

  Jazmin Sagastiverza, Kayla Santos, Andrea Romero, Patricia Rodriguez From Left: Jazmin Sagastiverza, Kayla Santos, Andrea Romero, Patricia Rodriguez
Chris McGilvery, the Instructional Technologist at Manhattanville College, has been a part of the College community for less than a year but has engaged students, faculty, and staff in the organization he helped found, Give More HUGS.

McGilvery has been able to recruit HUGS ambassadors to the program to help rally more support for the organization on campus. One of the ambassadors, senior Margaret Goff, took the position because she values of the organization’s goal of providing underprivileged children school supplies.

“This is an issue everyone can get behind,” said Goff. “The limited access to tools and resources that develop a better education effects so many different populations and people that anyone can find a way to get involved.”

So far she has been involved in getting a variety of clubs on campus to host events and fundraisers for the organization. The HUGS ambassadors are preparing for their first large on-campus school supply drive.

On Monday, February 3, Goff and other ambassadors will hold a bake sale in Brownson Hall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to raise awareness for donation boxes that will remain on campus over the upcoming weeks. The Manhattanville Community is encouraged to bring pencils, notebooks or any school supplies to one of the donation sites located in the Library, Brownson Hall and the CTL.

Though this is the first on campus fundraiser organized by the Give More HUGS ambassadors, members of the Manhattanville community have been involved in other projects with the non-profit. For instance, Dr. Nikki Josephs, one of the organization’s Board of Directors and an Education professor at the College began a service learning project with the sixth grade students from R.J. Bailey Elementary, White Plains, NY.

For this project, Give More HUGS brought close to 100 Scholastic books for the students to write inspirational messages on the front pages. The students were informed that these books would be sent to second graders from Plaza Towers Elementary in Moore, Oklahoma, a school that had been leveled by a tornado six months earlier.

Give More HUGS was started one year ago and in that time has been able to donate more than 9,000 school supplies to various schools in Dominica and Moore, Oklahoma. The organization’s main goal is to bring unity among people who want to support schools, teachers and students without the resources needed to foster learning and creativity. 

The vision for Give More HUGS came to McGilvery after he lived in Dominica and witnessed the poor living conditions and limited educational resources.  In founding this organization he has worked to promote the practice of youth inspiring youth. McGilvery connects the ambassadors with the young students the supply drive supports to act as role models for the children.

“Education is something I truly believe in and I want the college ambassadors to be leaders that students in those communities look up too,” said McGilvery. “I hope that Give More HUGS can inspire everyone to be more sincere and help folks by realizing that anyone can be a catalyst for change through their words, actions, or even just a hug.”

To get involved with other great service programs developed by Give More HUGS or to host your own fundraiser visit their website.