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Manhattanville to Hold Annual Human Rights Awareness Day Event
Tuesday, 12 November 2013 12:08


Human Rights Awareness DayThe seventh annual Human Rights Awareness Day will present information on human rights on a global perspective within the Manhattanville community.

Elizabeth Cherry, sociology professor and faculty advisor for Human Rights Awareness Day (HRAD), took a new approach to compiling this year’s event. To get students intensely involved she developed specific roles; students could share their own presentation, be a part of the publicity team or offer their technological assistance.

“This year we have over two dozen students working to put on this event, and we are all impressed with the amount of care and talent they are putting into this event”, said Cherry. “We are also showcasing student work throughout the day, from the poster sessions, to the Student Initiative on Diversity and Inclusion, to the spoken word readings.”

By placing an emphasis on student involvement this year, Human Rights Awareness Day is beginning to resemble the event initiated seven years ago. Its goal is to provide students with information on human rights and the violations of these rights through history and present day societies. David Nielsen ’16, a student representative on Castle Scholars Committee and a part of the Public Relations Committee for HRAD, believes that this will be the best Human Rights Awareness Day at Manhattanville yet.

“HRAD is an event for Manhattanville and beyond: this event helps attendees to become more aware of some of the most prevalent issues in regard to human rights that exist around the world today; this includes ways in which we can try and make a difference/implement real change,” said Neilsen. “As a part of this Manhattanville community, Mville students should be proud that their college would take the time to organize and host such a progressive event.”

Juniors Molly O'Lena '15, a sociology and philosophy major, and Claudia Calascione '15, sociology major, are involved in the event for the first time since joining Mville. As a part of an Environmental Sociology course O'Lena and Calascione, along with other students, will be presenting a poster presentation at this year’s HRAD. Their poster will focus on the structural change and influence of the Community Garden on Manhattanville’s campus.

“Although I have never attended Human Rights Awareness Day in the past I am excited to be involved this year and presenting on a campus related topic with other students from the class,” stated Calascione.

"The chance to share the information we've learned through research and class with other students and visitors is exciting because pour presentation is focused on our campus”, said O’Lena. “This year I will definitely stay for the entire event to learn from the other presenters and posters.”

Human Rights Awareness Day will take place at Manhattanville College on Saturday, November 16, 2013 in the Berman Student Center Lobby and Theatre, 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. For a complete schedule of events follow the link.