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Backpack to Briefcase Gives Seniors a Glimpse at Life After Graduation
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:14
Backpack to BriefcaseFor the last six years, Manhattanville College's Center for Career Development (CCD) has partnered with the Senior Class to organize Backpack to Briefcase, a fundraising dinner for the Senior Class Gift held every fall. The event provides invaluable professional career guidelines and prepares students for life after college.

"Backpack to Briefcase is not just an educational event; it's also a fun event," Christine Podber, Career Counselor, said. "It kicks off all of the senior events for the year and helps fund Senior Week. It get students paying attention to budgeting and networking before graduation."

Started in 2007 with joint efforts from the CCD and the student body, Backpack to Briefcase offered a glimpse into life as a post-grad.

"When you are a senior attending Backpack to Briefcase, you don't realize until soon after graduation that this is what your work life is going to be: exactly what Backpack to Briefcase gives you a glimpse into," Warda Khan '12, who will attend as an alumna this year, said. "It helps you transition into real world. It helps you network, it helps you learn."

This year's Backpack to Briefcase is on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 6 p.m. in the West Room, Reid Hall.

"The thought of world a outside the nurturing walls of Manhattanville can be quite intimidating," senior Dikshya Parajuli said. "I hope attending Backpack to Briefcase will be an opportunity to learn how to thrive in that world."

It has remained a tradition that educates students on professional etiquette, networking skills, business fashion and much more. Alumni speakers share their experiences in their respective career fields and advice students on having an enhancing career experience post graduation.

"Attending the event as a student was not only fun, but a time to listen to a guest speaker and find take-away points to hold onto," David Bedard '09, one of last year's alumni speakers, said. "Even some tips that I had heard before were nice to hear again, as a reminder."

This year promises to continue the tradition by providing students with an educational and engaging evening.

"It is going to be an enjoyable learning experience with a lot of other surprises that you have to come to see," Senior Class Vice President Vida Vargas said.