Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Students Celebrate Diversity Through Art
Monday, 07 November 2011 12:36

Manhattanville College students joined in front of the Berman Student Center and created art pieces on the pavement with colored sand and flour. Rangoli is the decorative folk art that is also seen widespread across Hindu cultures during the Diwali festival. The rich pigment of the colored sand and flour used as the medium for the artistic creations are traditionally made from things in nature.

"Not only did students at Manhattanville who practice the Hindu culture participate in the event but students from various other cultures; the community really came together," Professor Alka Mukerji said. "There were even students in tears, brought out by their happiness to be celebrating a tradition from their home, which brought a little piece of it to them."

Diwali is a Hindu festival known as the "festival of lights" where lamps and candles are lit everywhere on the day celebrated in the fall.

"Students took the initiative to come to me, so that this event would happen, it was was beautiful to have that enthusiasm from the students," Mukerji said.