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Library Director Jeff Rosedale Accepted into NITLE Innovation Studio
Thursday, 23 February 2012 10:09

jeff 117Library Director Jeff Rosedale has been accepted into the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) Innovative Studio. Rosedale will join a cohort of 12 faculty, information technologists and librarians from liberal arts colleges across the NITLE network.

NITLE helps liberal arts colleges and universities integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology. The Innovative Studio is focused on the participants' needs and concerns and cultivates creativity and open collaboration, and improves through experimentation, feedback and iteration. It focuses on learning by doing working with a team to produce concrete solutions to a problem facing liberal arts education.

"What I submitted was a concern about the fact that students, as they are doing research for their work and courses, aren't necessarily asking enough questions," Rosedale said. "They are flying through their work trying to get it done using what they can find quickly and easily but not necessarily pausing to ask strategic questions."

Through the Innovative Studio, the teams will work together to produce a solution to the problems. Innovative Scholars will pitch projects, select projects that will move forward, form teams, further define the problems that they are tackling, perform ethnographic research to understand user perspectives on these problems, employ creativity techniques to generate innovative potential solutions, and build an initial business plan.

Rosedale's inclusion in the Innovation Studio is an exciting opportunity for Manhattanville. It gives Rosedale the opportunity to collaborate with colleges similar to Manhattanville, such as Wesleyan College, SUNY Geneseo, Vassar College, Skidmore College, and Muhlenberg College, to find working answers to some of the biggest issues in library research and technology use.

"These are all small to medium sized liberal arts colleges, we look a lot alike in some meaningful ways," Rosedale said. "That's the hope, that we will all get something out of it. I will get some of my questions answered and other folks, through looking at their issue, will benefit as well."

Even though Rosedale has worked for the Manhattanville Library for 10 years, his recent appointment to director in January, and now, his acceptance to the Innovation Studio, provide new opportunities for the Library that in the past might not have been possible.

"Having the opportunity to be at the beginning of something is a very cool place to be," he said. "Even though I've been here for ten years, it's like starting over and that is tremendous."