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ePortfolio Exposition Showcases Value of an Online Academic Portfolio
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 16:14

ePortfolio210x130Students and faculty showcased their academic work at the ePortfolio Exposition November 2, 2011 in Reid Castle. ePortfolio opens a whole new door to students, who can put all their work online and interact with peers and faculty through the ePortfolio system.

"We submit all of our work for the class (for FYP writing and seminar) through ePortfolio which is very helpful," Alexis Lanzilotti, a freshman, said. "I definitely think it will help me throughout my college career, without a doubt. It will be so easy to look back and see what I did and how I improved. It's definitely a big help."

The Portfolio system was adopted by Manhattanville College in 1973 in the Manhattanville Plan; it emphasized integrative learning, life-long learning, application and assessment of student learning. The ePortfolio provides a vehicle for students to make what they are learning visible and see the connection between their education and college experiences.

The Class of 2015 is the first class to be given ePortfolio accounts, though some upperclassmen have been invited to use ePortfolio for their Portfolio submission.

One of the benefits of ePortfolio is the ability to create more than one portfolio. Jeanette LeBlanc, a senior and supervisor of the eTerns (interns that help underclassmen with their ePortfolios) has three active portfolios, her official Manhattanville portfolio, one for a graphic design class, and a final one for her senior thesis.

"I did my senior portfolio on it and that was very helpful," LeBlanc said. "You can display a lot more stuff than you can in a little folder. I also used it for my senior thesis, just so I can have first draft, second draft, so I can see it (my thesis) that way. It has helped me organize papers easier."

Users of ePortfolio can pick and chose what materials they wish to be visible personalize it to reflect themselves; LeBlanc believes this to be a key feature that students should focus on.

"Customize it to the best of your abilities," she said. "Take advantage of all the eTerns that are in the labs."

Faculty also participate in ePortfolio with the possibility of showcasing their own work as professionals outside the classroom, but also as a tool to enhance the connection to their students. Professor Alison Carson, one member of the ePortfolio team at Manhattanville, said it allows faculty to connect to students, and for students to reflect not only on what they are learning, but how they are learning.

"It's a tool to enhance learning through a greater connection and innovative thinking," she said.

The following ePortfolios are available for public view:

Jeanette LeBlanc

Jenna Ventrice

Madison Terroni

Emma Devine

Kathryn Mayfield

Elizabeth Borgatti

Graffiti Magazine