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Duchesne Alliance
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:00

Pictured here from left to right: 
Dr. James E. Harf, Associate VP/Director for Global Education, Maryville University - Dr. Molly Easo Smith, President of Manhattanville College - Dr. Paul O'Prey, Vice Chancellor - Roehampton University.

On Friday, February 18, a historic meeting took place among representatives of Manhattanville College, Maryville University (St. Louis, MO) and Roehampton University (London, UK).  Representatives of these three institutions, which trace their roots to the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, met to discuss a new partnership to strengthen their shared foundational commitments to social justice, civic engagement, and global citizenship through exchanges of students and faculty, joint curricular and co-curricular programming, and an annual conference to be held in summer. 

Members of the Manhattanville College community, including faculty, staff, and students participated in day-long meetings to explore the many dimensions of this partnership among these three institutions. Community members added meaningful insights and shaped directions which will define the Duchesne Alliance, an initiative which further extends Manhattanville's global reach and reputation. 

Participants representing the faculty and staff were Robin Cautin, Liz Cherry, Jenifer Cushman, Sherie McClam, Binita Mehta, Rosalie Shemmer, Wil Tyrrell, Irene Whelan, and Gabriele Wickert.  Students also provided significant perspectives and shared their Manhattanville experiences. The student participants included Annesha Carter, Jay Ferriere, Martika Marshall, David Noel, and Noemi Paksy.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the following representatives:  Dr. Paul O'Prey, Vice Chancellor- Roehampton University; Dr. James E. Harf, Associate VP/Director for Global Education, Maryville University; and Dr. Molly Easo Smith, President of Manhattanville College.

You may view the Memorandum of Understanding by clicking here to download it as a PDF.