Printing with the Go Green System

GoGreen-152x152-FootprintsManhattanville's Go Green printers are available for our public access computers in the Library and at other locations around the campus.
At the beginning of each term, you will receive a print allowance which is stored on your Manhattanville ID card.
For each page that you print, a small fee is deducted from your account balance.
If you use your entire allowance, you must add funds to your account at a Go Green pay station.
If you don't use your full Manhattanville allowance, it expires at the end of the term; it will not be added to your allowance for the next term.


 During the introductory period, you will not be charged for printing.
You may ignore the print charges and any negative balances.

Printing is a two-step process:

  1. On a public access computer connected to the Manhattanville network, set up your print job and send it to the print system.
  2. At a Go Green printer, use your Manhattanville ID card to finish printing and collect your pages.

You can set up multiple jobs, then print them in one visit to the Go Green printer.
Detailed instructions appear below.

Before you begin:

  • Be sure you have your Manhattanville ID card.
  • Locate a nearby Go Green printer.
    It will have a touch screen and a card reader for your Manhattanville ID card.

To set up your print job:

  1. In your editing application, select the Print command.
    The PrintAssistant dialogue box appears.
  2. In the ID field, type your Manhattanville ID number (all seven digits, including leading zeros).
    PrintAssistant ID/Password dialog box
    Leave the Password field blank.
  3. Click OK.
    The PrintAssistant displays a default name for your print job.
    PrintAssistant Rename dialog box
    If you prefer a more recognizable name, enter the new name here.
  4. Click OK.
    After a moment, the PrintAssistant displays details about your print job, the cost and your account balance.
    PrintAssistant Cost Preview dialog box
    • To proceed, click Accept. Your print job will be available for one hour.
    • To cancel your print job, click Delete. Your print job will expire immediately.
    If you accepted your print job, you must finish printing and collect your pages within one hour.

To finish printing and collect your pages:

  1. Go to a nearby Go Green printer and swipe your Manhattanville ID card in the card reader.
    Go Green Printer photo
    Wait for your ID number to appear on the touch-screen display.
    Touch Screen User ID entry photo
  2. In the lower left corner of the display, touch Login & Release Print Jobs.
    Touch Screen Login photo
    A list of your print jobs appears.
  3. Touch the name(s) of the document(s) you wish to print.
    Touch Screen List of Jobs photo
    A green check mark appears next to each selected document.
    To select all of your documents for printing, touch Select All.
    Touch Screen Select All photo
  4. Touch Print.
    Touch Screen Print photo
    The printer will begin printing your pages.
    When printing is complete, retrieve your pages from the output tray.
  5. Touch Exit Session.
    Touch Screen Exit Session photo