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Xia Zhang

Full-Time faculty


I am a cultural anthropologist who does research on China, globalization, development, gender (esp. masculinity), new media, youth culture, migration, and labor politics. I received my PhD in Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, and before that earned my MA in Chinese Folklore and BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Beijing Normal University.

I am currently working on multiple research projects. One project is based on my dissertation research which examines Chinese rural migrant men’s experience of gender and labor inequalities in southwest China; it investigates the cultural logics of Chinese development, the formation of worker subjectivities, and the restructuring of Chinese masculinities. I am currently preparing my dissertation as a book manuscript for publication in the US. Another project of mine examines China’s booming new media industry and explores how the “ant tribe” (unemployed or underemployed well-educated Chinese youths in major large cities) use new media technologies to intervene in China’s radical social transformation and labor market deregulation. I am also participating in a collaborative research project on undergraduate degree-seeking students across South Korea, China, and the U.S. who receive education in foreign countries to rethink the traditional ideal of the global order of higher education and the unevenness of globalization.

At Manhattanville, I teach courses within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Women's Studies program including the introductory course of Cultural Anthropology, Cultures of Science and Technology, Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society, Representation and Power in Contemporary China, Men and Masculinities, and Women and Work.