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Barbara Allen-Lyall, M.S.

Associate Professor

Dr. Allen-Lyall is an Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education. She began her career as a music teacher, turning to mathematics education at the prompting of her students.

She taught elementary school mathematics for many years before becoming a college educator. Dr. Allen-Lyall holds two master’s degrees in education and mathematics education, and a PhD from Lesley University.

Her interdisciplinary research interests include mathematics cognition, childhood geometry learning, spatial ability, and the brain and learning.She speaks nationally on the brain and learning, as well as ways to assist teachers, preservice teachers, and students to become mathematically competent.

Parent and Community Presentations:

  • Working Memory: A Complex System
  • Improving Student Spatial Ability: Elementary School Learning
  • Learning & the Brain 101
  • The Neurobiology of Emotion
  • Mathematics Assessment: What Are We Testing?
  • The Brain in Adolescence
  • Learning & Memory Throughout Schooling

Professional Development Seminars for Teachers

  • Guiding Diverse Learners in the Mathematics Curriculum
  • Assessing Learning Needs
  • Formative Assessment: Guiding Learners and Informing Practice
  • Inspiring a Schoolwide Geometry Initiative - Preschool through Middle School
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Diverse Learners in the Classroom

Conference Presentations

Spatial Ability and Learning Mathematics, Cambridge, MA (2010)

Mathematics and the Brain: Teacher Understanding and Equity in the Classroom, Progressive Education Network, National Conference, Washington, DC (2009)

Children’s Impressions of Mathematics: What Do They Think They’re Learning?, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Regional Conference, Boston, MA (2009)

Real Mathematics for Elementary School Brains: Estimating Area and Quantity, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Regional Conference, Boston, MA (2009)

Mathematics as a Whole Brain Event – Learning Brain Expo, Newport Beach, CA (2009)

Evidenced-Based Mathematics Instruction in the Diverse Classroom, Council for Exceptional Children, Annual Convention, Boston, MA (2008)

Children’s Impressions of Mathematics: A Gatekeeper for Student Success, Progressive Education Network, National Conference, San Francisco, CA (2007)

Children’s Impressions of Mathematics, Conference on Math Education and Social Justice, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY (2007)

An Inquiry into Novice-to-Expert Growth for Students of Qualitative Research, Ethnography in Education Conference, Philadelphia, PA (2007)