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Anthony Santucci, Ph.D.


Anthony SantucciProfessor Santucci served as an adjunct professor at Manhattanville from 1989-1990 before joining the full-time faculty in the fall of 1990. He received his BA degree from Iona College in 1981 and his Master's and Doctoral degrees from Kent State University (Kent, OH) in 1984 and 1987, respectively, conducting memory research in animal model systems. Immediately prior to arriving at Manhattanville, Prof. Santucci completed a four-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Bronx Veteran's Administration Hospital/Mt. Sinai School of Medicine working in the psychopharmacology and human neuropathology brain banking laboratories of Dr. Vahram Haroutunian.

Professor Santucci maintains active research laboratories at Manhattanville that incorporate the training of undergraduates interested in biopsychology and neuroscience research. At present, Prof. Santucci maintains two programs of research. One line of inquiry deals with the long-term residual effects of drugs of abuse, such as cocaine, during adolescence on cognition and emotions in adulthood using animal model systems. The other line of research investigates the residual neuropsychological effects of head trauma in college athletes who participate in contact sports.

Professor Santucci teaches a wide array of courses including Fundamentals of Psychology, Survey of Psychological Research Lab, Physiological Bases of Behavior, Drug Use and Abuse, Psychopharmacology, Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics for the Social Sciences and Lab, Computer Applications in Psychology, Methods in the Biopsychology Laboratory, Biopsychology Seminar: Neurobiology of Drug Abuse, Biopsychology Seminar: Traumatic Brain Injury, and Biological Bases of Mental Illness.

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