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Elizabeth Cherry, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

CherryElizabeth 130x150 jpgI completed my PhD and MA in Sociology at the University of Georgia, and before that completed my BA in Sociology and French at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

I regularly offer two required courses for the Sociology major: Introduction to Sociology and Classical Social Theory. Additionally, I teach a series of courses on environmental issues: Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Food, Animals & Society, and Environmental Social Movements. Other electives I offer include Contemporary Social Theory, Youth Subcultures, History of Social Action, and Social Theory through the Arts (a Castle Scholars Honors Program seminar).

I serve as the Director of the Castle Scholars Honors Program, and I am past Chair of the Animals & Society section of the American Sociological Association.

My research focuses on culture and social movements, specifically in cultural analyses of social movements and social movement analyses of contentious subcultures. I am interested inthe role culture plays in constraining and enabling collective action, as well as how activists attempt to change culture. Topically, I study issues concerning animals, food, and the environment. My current research primarily focuses on the animal rights movement in France and the United States, and in past projects I've studied veganism, punk, pro-anorexia websites, as well as researcher subjectivity and reflexivity. Please see my Academia.edu page for more information about my research: