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Alison S. Carson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

CarsonAlison 117x150 jpgAlison S. Carson is an associate professor in the Psychology department.  She is a cultural psychologist and teaches courses in her area of expertise such as Psychology and Culture, Psychology and Identity, and Qualitative Approaches to Psychology.  She also teaches other core courses in the Psychology department such as Fundamentals in Psychology and Research Methods.  She received her training as a cultural psychologist and received her doctoral degree from Boston College in 2000.  She received her BA from Franklin and Marshall College in 1995.

Professor Carson's dissertation research investigated conceptions of fairness comparing an urban and rural community in the Philippines.  She has presented this work at numerous conferences.  She is currently investigating culture change, particularly in the context of acculturation and immigration.  She is exploring how concepts of body and body image change as a result of acculturation.  Professor Carson has included a number of students in her research and most recently students have accompanied her to national conferences.