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Scott Manner

OMHR 5014 - Ethical and Social Issues for Management

Scott Manner has been at Mimeo.com since 1999 and has held a variety of major leadership positions, most recently as the company's Chief Information Officer.  Currently, Scott is the vice President of global Procurement and SCM, with responsibility for the company's materials supply chain, purchase order management, vendor relationship management, optimum inventory within company facilities and cost containment initiatives.

Mr. Manner has more than twenty-seven years experience in information technology, manufacturing, financial assurance, budgeting and process reengineering.  He has held leadership roles at both domestic and international start-up ventures. His career includes positions at Nynex, Bell Atlantic Mobile, KPMG and McKinsey.  He holds a Master of Science degree in Organizational Management and Human Resources Development from Manhattanville College `and a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY at Geneseo.