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Andrei Kisselev, B.A.

KisselevAndrei 130x150Andrei was born in Moscow, Russia and began his career at an early age receiving intensive training in ballet by Andrei Ledyakhov (Bolshoi Theater). In 1992 he re-ceived a diploma from the Russian Conservatory of Culture and Arts after four years of study as balletmaster and choreographer. That year Andrei also joined the world renowned Moyseev Dance Company. After one year he became a principal dancer with the company and was invited to teach the ballet classes for the company. In 1995 Andrei was discovered by the producers of Riverdance and for the next four years he performed with this international hit show in North America and Europe culminating in a two-year highly successful Broadway production. As per-former and dance captain for the Russian segment of the production, Andrei was also ballet instructor for the Irish dancers and played a piv-otal role as a Riverdance choreographer. Settling in New York in 2001, Andrei continues to dance and perform as principal dancer with Rebecca Kelly Ballet, Connecticut Ballet, Kentucky Ballet, New Jersey Ballet, Eglevsky Ballet, Ballet Ambassadors, Brynsky Ballet. His Ballet roles have included Nutcracker (Cavalier), Swan Lake (Prince), Copppelia (Franz), Romeo and Juliet (Romeo), Carmen (Toreador). Andrei teaches in many schools in the tri-state area and also participates in the Ballet Ambassa-dor Public School Educational Program, which brings education in dance to public schools in the New York area.