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Jeanne Christie, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Christie served with the American Red Cross Supplemental Recreational Activities (SRAO) Program in Vietnam. The program provided psychological health and welfare to military personnel. She has influenced much of the information that exists about what women did in Vietnam. She has served on the Connecticut Governor's Task Force for Women Veterans and contributed chapters in the books: A Piece of My Heart, In a Combat Zone, and Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam. She was involved with theatrical productions of A Piece of My Heart, the television series China Beach and the documentaries, Vietnam A Chance to Understand and A Touch of Home that won the best short documentary award at the GI Film Festival in 2009. While living in Virginia area she created an exhibit on the women of City Point, VA 1864-1865 and has authored No Place for a Woman about the lives of the woman at City Point, VA 1864-1865, and The Incarceration of Mary Terry.

In addition, engaging in a wide variety of teaching responsibilities, she has been a corporate and community trainer for the Association of Junior Leagues International and currently serves as an interviewer for the Veteran History Project with the Folk Life Center at the Library of Congress.