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Ipswitch Web Messaging is the email client used by students at Manhattanville College.

Getting Started with Mville E-mail

Before you Begin, you will need:

  • Your Manhattanville Email Address
    If you haven't obtained your email address, you can get it from WebAdvisor.
    For details, see WebAdvisor for Students 
  • Your College ID Number
    This appears on your new ID card.
    Your ID number is your password the first time you log in.
    You must then create a new password. (See Tips on selecting password)

To begin using Manhattanville's Web E-mail system:


From the Manhattanville web site under My Mville clickon Mville E-Mail



 webmail logo

In the Username field, enter your email address.

In the Password field, enter your College ID numberInclude the leading zeros.

If you prefer a different language, select it from the Language drop-down list.

Click the Login button or press the Enter key.

You must now replace your temporary password with a new one


In the Panel at the left, click Preferences.

Webmail Preferences

Enter a new password in each of the two boxes. Both entries must be identical.

Under User Preferences, click the Save button.

You are now ready to begin using your eamil account.

If you need additional assistance, Please call the Help Desk at 914.323.7230

Additional E-mail Tips:

  • You can use the email system from any computer with internet access. Only a web browser is required.
  • For quick access on Manhattanville's computers, use the shortcut icon on the Windows desktop.
  • On your own computer, you might want to create an e-mail shortcut, or a bookmark in your browser.
  • Be sure to record your password in a safe place.

Tips on selecting a password:

Email passwords must be between 3 and 30 characters long.
We suggested that you:

  • Use at least eight characters
  • Use a mix of upper-and lower-case letters and numerals
  • Avoid recognizable words or things like your birthday, your age, etc.
  • Be sure to keep a record of your new password!