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July 8, 2013

Job Title: Social Media Adjunct Instructor
Department: The School of Graduate and Professional Studies

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies seeks an adjunct professor to teach MKMC 5102 Social Media and the Business Imperative in the graduate business program. The course explores the strategic implications, challenges and opportunities offered by the world of social media. Courses meet on weekends: one weekend per month for three months. This course is being offered in the fall with a schedule to meet for three weekends over a three month period in September to November.


  • Candidates must have a Master's degree in a business related subject.
  • Significant business communications experience.
  • Candidate must also have experience with Social Media in a business setting with a proven track record of promoting business initiatives and expanding the client base using social media.

Course Description:

Social Media has played a large part in changing business communications. With the creation of new tools and channels more people are publishing and contributing to online conversations. The mass adoption of social tools has lead to varying types of interactions and the maintenance of online relationships; both personal and commercial. As the traditional online audience has morphed into the content creator, businesses must contend with consumers creating, altering and even enhancing their marketing efforts. This course, in contrast to the tactically-oriented elective course, explores the strategic implications, challenges and opportunities offered by the world of social media. The objective of this course is for students to learn how varying sets of Social Media tools work together as an integrated system and actively apply these concepts to the their own present and prospective professional circumstances. Through the use of presentations, discussions and dialogues, assigned readings, case studies, and student projects the students explore implications of Social Media and integration of the knowledge and skills around Social Media to apply them in a business setting. Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to integrate their understanding of Social Media and its respective dimensions in business marketing challenges and will have mastered the pervasive impact that Social Media has on business marketing.

For consideration, send cover letter and curriculum vitae along with three references to humanresources@mville.edu.