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July 31, 2014

Position:  Part-Time Muslim Chaplain
Department:  Duchesne Center

The Duchesne Center at Manhattanville College is seeking a Muslim Chaplain.


  • To foster the spiritual life of one's particular religious community on Campus by:
    • Prayer, meditation and/or liturgical services
    • To educate the community in its rich religio-socio-cultural heritage
    • To involve one's particular community in community service and social justice activities on and off of Campus.
    • To promote one's religious tradition and its dialogue with other religious traditions through opportunities: (educational) lectures, panels, guest speakers, prayer events, and other fellowship gatherings
    • And the creation of other venues that will allow for the spiritual growth of the Campus Community at large.
  • The chaplain need to respect the diversity of religious traditions on Campus and the freedom of conscience of each individual to pursue their spiritual life and religious affiliation.
  • Able to work with all chaplains together informing each other of their religious communities activities on and off Campus, and will meet once a month with a student representative of their respective club to form the Manhattanville Interfaith Council.
  • The chaplain is encouraged to work with other members of the Duchesne Staff and College departments and faculty.

Religious Student Clubs:

  • Need a faculty advisor (may or may not be the chaplain).
  • Must apply for status and funds through the Student Activities/Affairs Office.

Campus Presence of Chaplain: (may vary according to club needs and desire of students)

  • 3-5 hours on Campus per week: (Flexibility is key: both hours and activities)
  • 3-6 Club meeting 1 hr per week
  • Religious service/prayer: 1 hour per week
  • Office hours 1-2 hour/week
  • On occasion chaplains may add hours for activities/events outside the three above: 2 hours per week

For consideration, send cover letter and resume to humanresources@mville.edu.