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August 18, 2014

Position:  Administrative Assistant
Department: Athletic Department

The Athletic Department at Manhattanville College is seeking an Administrative Assistant. This position provides administrative support primarily to the Athletic Director and secondarily to the Assistant Directors; however, this position does provide (to a small degree) support to the athletic department staff.


  • Handle busy office telephones
  • Act as an assistant to the Athletic Director
  • Maintain calendar for Athletic Director
  • Maintain files for Athletic Director
  • Assist the Assistant Athletic Directors
  • Act as support person to Athletic Department staff
  • Serve as point of initial contact for students and visitors to the Athletic Department
  • Create and maintain databases
  • Responsible for specific annual mailings
  • Purchase supplies for the department and monitor distribution of said supplies to the office staff
  • Handle all department meeting schedules and agendas
  • Plan events, order food for Athletic Department meetings and special events
  • Coordinate Meal Money for all teams
  • Make hotel and air travel arrangements for Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Directors, visiting recruits and candidates for employment


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel/Access
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills

For consideration, send cover letter and resume to humanresources@mville.edu.

August 14, 2014

Position: Part-Time Tutor

Department: Disability Services

The Disability Services Department at Manhattanville College is seeking a tutor who will work 1:1 with a small caseload of students with disabilities. Students meet with the tutor 3 hours per week.


HELP Center tutors work with students in a variety of subjects with a focus on writing skills, reading comprehension, study skills and time management. Students attend 2-3 sessions per week for a total of 3 hours per week with their assigned tutor. Tutors are assigned a small caseload of students with varying disabilities, although most with learning disabilities. Tutors will keep records of tutoring sessions and assist the center to support additional students as needed as a substitute.


  • Teacher Certification required. Certification in Special Education, English, High School level or related subjects preferred.
  • Experience with students with disabilities preferred

For consideration, send cover letter and resume to humanresources@mville.edu.

August 14, 2014

Position: Mentor Teachers for Jump Start Accelerated Teacher Certification

Program: TESOL
Department: School of Education
Status: Part-time (approximately 2 hours per student per week)

The School of Education at Manhattanville is seeking Mentors for the Jump Start Accelerated Teacher Certification Program. Jump Start Mentors are employed part-time by Manhattanville College, yet spend their time at the school site of the first year teachers they are mentoring. A mentor visits each teacher weekly and serves as a coach and resource for the new teacher. At this time Mentors are needed to work with new TESOL teachers in childhood, middle and high school. Mentor teachers must be experienced and certified in TESOL.

Responsibilities include:

  • Mentoring 1 – 3 new teachers during their first year of teaching, following the academic calendar of the school site.
  • Observing each teacher weekly and offering assistance as needed, which may include performing model lessons, helping to design lesson plans and curricula and suggesting classroom management strategies.
  • Meeting with the teacher weekly to offer guidance, feedback and assistance
  • Writing a brief weekly log of work with mentees and sending copies to Program Director

For consideration, send cover letter and resume to humanresources@mville.edu.

July 31, 2014

Position:  Part-Time Muslim Chaplain
Department:  Duchesne Center

The Duchesne Center at Manhattanville College is seeking a Muslim Chaplain.


  • To foster the spiritual life of one's particular religious community on Campus by:
    • Prayer, meditation and/or liturgical services
    • To educate the community in its rich religio-socio-cultural heritage
    • To involve one's particular community in community service and social justice activities on and off of Campus.
    • To promote one's religious tradition and its dialogue with other religious traditions through opportunities: (educational) lectures, panels, guest speakers, prayer events, and other fellowship gatherings
    • And the creation of other venues that will allow for the spiritual growth of the Campus Community at large.
  • The chaplain need to respect the diversity of religious traditions on Campus and the freedom of conscience of each individual to pursue their spiritual life and religious affiliation.
  • Able to work with all chaplains together informing each other of their religious communities activities on and off Campus, and will meet once a month with a student representative of their respective club to form the Manhattanville Interfaith Council.
  • The chaplain is encouraged to work with other members of the Duchesne Staff and College departments and faculty.

Religious Student Clubs:

  • Need a faculty advisor (may or may not be the chaplain).
  • Must apply for status and funds through the Student Activities/Affairs Office.

Campus Presence of Chaplain: (may vary according to club needs and desire of students)

  • 3-5 hours on Campus per week: (Flexibility is key: both hours and activities)
  • 3-6 Club meeting 1 hr per week
  • Religious service/prayer: 1 hour per week
  • Office hours 1-2 hour/week
  • On occasion chaplains may add hours for activities/events outside the three above: 2 hours per week

For consideration, send cover letter and resume to humanresources@mville.edu.

June 19, 2014

Position:  Part-Time Physician
Department:  Student Health Center

The Student Health Center at Manhattanville College is seeking a Physician. The position is part-time and provides medical care for the Student Health Center.


  • Direct outpatient clinical care (including gynecological care) of college students
  • Health education and outreach programming


  • New York State license to practice medicine in New York State
  • Board certified MD in internal medicine or family practice


  • Completion of adolescent medicine fellowship

For consideration, send cover letter and resume to humanresources@mville.edu.