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How do I fill a vacancy?

Once a position is vacant, an Employee Requisition form is to be completed by the hiring manager and signed by all the parties identified on the form. An up-to-date job description should be attached and an electronic copy sent to Human Resources for advertising. Resumes received will be sent directly to the hiring manager via email.

I have hired a new employee – now what do I do?

A new hire form must be completed and signed by all necessary parties. Once signed, Human Resources will send an offer letter for all full-time employees. The new employee or direct supervisor will contact Human Resources to schedule an on-boarding meeting.

Are performance reviews mandatory and if so, when, how often?

Performance reviews are mandatory for all full-time, non-teaching staff and should be done annually. A completed copy must be forwarded to Human Resources for filing.

How do I address an attendance, tardiness or performance issue with an employee?

The manager should speak directly to the employee regarding the issue(s). The conversation should be documented which includes date/time/reaction from employee. Human Resources should be notified and will intervene if the employee does not rectify the issue. A Reprimand Letter outlining issue(s) will be given to employee.

How do I handle a difficult employee?

When an employee's performance and/or misconduct interfere with the operation of a College department, corrective action must be taken. Employees should be warned about misconduct, negligence, insubordination, poor work habits (attendance/tardiness) and other performance issues. Employees should understand what changed behavior is expected of them and must be made aware of the consequences of non-corrective conduct.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, performance or misconduct, corrective action, may include, verbal warning (with a note to file of the meeting(s)); written reprimand; last chance warning; and termination. In the event of a serious infraction, a fast-track approach may be taken that could include suspension without pay or immediate termination.

Human Resources should always be informed and involved in disciplinary matters.

On what basis do I approve tuition remission?

Educational assistance is a benefit only to the extent that it does not negatively impact or conflict with an employee's job requirements or work schedule. Prior to registering, employees requesting tuition remission must share their study plans and have prior approval from their manager and then, Human Resources. Employees register first and then complete a tuition remission application form. Completed forms along with the registration statement should be submitted to Human Resources for processing.

How do I notify HR about a resignation?

The manager should immediately notify Human Resources of impending departure. A completed End of Employment form along with resignation letter should be forwarded to Human Resources.

How do I go about resolving a dispute/workplace issue?

Manager and staff have an obligation to make every effort to resolve problems as they arise. If a manager is unable to resolve a problem in a manner that is timely and seems fair, the employee may seek a review at sequentially higher levels through-out the chain of authority within the College. Please contact Human Resources for further information.

How do I report an on-the-job injury?

Any job related injury or illness must be immediately reported to the supervisor and to Human Resources. HR will submit a claim to the College's Workers' Compensation insurance carrier on behalf of the employee.

How do I request vacation and personal leave?

If the leave is no more than two days in duration, all employees are encouraged to request vacation and personal leave a minimum of two days prior to the desired time off. If the leave time totals more than two days, employees are encouraged to submit their request two weeks prior to the desired leave time. All requests must be approved by your immediate supervisor(s).

How do I handle an observation or complaint of harassment?

Manhattanville College is committed to maintaining a learning, living and work environment free of sexual or other harassment. The College has zero tolerance of any type of harassment of or by its employees. If an individual believes that someone has violated this policy, the individual should bring matter to the immediate attention to the director supervisor or department Vice President, and the attention of the Director of Human Resources.

How do I apply for tuition remission?

Refer to the policy in the Employee Handbook to determine your and/or dependent eligibility. Tuition Remission application can be obtained on the Human Resources website. Follow the instructions on the application, including approval for courses offered during working hours. Register for the course(s) and forward a tuition remission application along with a student bill or registration statement to Human Resources.

How do I find my pay advices?

Sign on to web-advisor as an employee and follow the link to compensation to pay advises. The annual summary of compensation is always current and very useful.

How do I figure out how many vacation/sick/personal days I have?

Check the leave plan section of your web advisor account.