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Performance Measurement


  • Promotes supervisor/subordinate communication
  • Enhances job clarity
  • Identifies training needs
  • Informs supervisor
  • Allows employee to conceptualize/see the "bigger"picture
  • Ties-in with the Strategic Plan
  • Informs the boss's boss
  • Formalizes duties and functions
  • Sets upcoming goals and priorities
  • Supports and is in sync with later merit pay recommendation


  • There should be no surprises
  • Dedicate an UNINTERRUPTED HOUR for the meeting
  • Consolidate the input of others in advance, if appropriate
  • Make it "one on one"
  • Evaluate behavior not attitude
  • Communication and goal setting exercise not a disciplinary exercise
  • Do not specifically compare to others
  • Self-Appraisal is mandatory
  • Give advance notice of the process, verbally if possible
  • Keep notes throughout the year
  • Give examples wherever possible
  • Be specific about training and commitment to it
  • There is room for disagreement
  • Be equitable in your conduct
  • Do not promise merit pay
  • Take the high road, stay focused
  • Refer to a job posting, description or previous evaluation before starting
  • Ask employee what YOU DO that interferes
  • Ask how YOU can be more helpful to the employee
  • BE prepared!!