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Instructions for PDF forms


  • Complete the forms on screen or print them and complete them by hand.
  • Use the Tab key to move quickly through the form, from one field to the next.
    • Shift-Tab moves you back to the previous field.
    • A set of checkboxes is treated as one field: use the arrow keys to move between the boxes.
  • If you select one checkbox in a group, the others in that group are automatically unchecked.
  • The on-screen version of each form has a Print button at the lower left.
  • When you close the form, any data you entered is lost
    Print extra copies if you need them, or you'll have to fill everything out again.
  • Date fields have drop-downs that open a calendar/date selector tool.
    To enter todays date in two keystrokes: with your cursor in a date field:
    • Press the down-arrow key to select the current date
    • Press Enter to close the box and enter the date. 
  • Signatures: Type or print a legible copy of the name alongside the signature.