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Computer Recycling


  • What is the Computer Recycling Program?

The Manhattanville College Computer Recycling Program disposes of computer equipment including monitors, CPUs, keyboards, printers, and other electronic equipment such as TVs, or DVDs.


computers-pileWhy Can't I Throw My Old Computer Equipment In The Dumpster?
Some electronic equipment contains levels of heavy metals that could leach out and contaminate water supplies if placed in an ordinary landfill. Environmental laws forbid this equipment from being disposed of as ordinary trash.

How Does The College Dispose Of This Equipment Properly?
The Information Technology Department will first determine if the equipment is in working condition. If the equipment is is working condition, it will be re-distributed, sold, or donated if possible. If the equipment is unusable, the hard drive will be erased, it will be stored temporarily, and then picked up and removed by a vendor who handles this type of waste.

How Much Does It Cost To Use This Program?
There is no cost to individual departments. The college does pay a fee to the company to remove this equipment, based on the amount being disposed of.

Questions: Contact the Manhattanville College Operations Department at 914-323-5415 if you need additional information or other assistance.