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Xinlei Yue (Harry)

Xinlei YueCountry: Beijing, China
Semester Abroad: Fall 2011 & Spring 2012
r: Finance

Minor: Art

Beijing, I was finally coming back for you!

The first two years of my college experience at Manhattanville College has been truly amazing, and I enjoy my college life very much here. However, as an international student in the US, sometimes I regret that I didn't get a chance to experience the real Chinese higher education system for someone who was born in China and had 12-year education back in China. Therefore I started to think about going back for a year as an exchange student in my sophomore year. I was glad that my family and friends supported me because they knew it was what I really wanted.

Finally I got into a non-cooperative study abroad program that was perfect for me to study at Tsinghua University in my junior year to explore more about my motherland. Tsinghua University (THU) is a top university located in Beijing which is well- known for both high academic standards and beautiful campus. It is also the Alma Mater of two Chinese presidents and a few premiers in history. I was still the finance major there at School of Economics and Management (SEM). At Tsinghua, I was excited to have the chance to communicate with not only respectable professors but also intelligent young people at my age.

In the first week of the new semester, I applied to join the Student Government of Tsinghua University (THUSG). After the first semester's hard work, I got admitted by my colleagues and I was elected as the Vice Director of the Culture & Communications Department of the THUSG. I felt honored by everybody's trust and decided to serve the student body better as a bridge of communications between theschool and the students at THU. Sometimes I also liked to go off campus to havemore social experience. Same as my time at Manhattanville, I was actively participated in the volunteer service at THU. A memorable moment for me was theprogram to be volunteer teachers at a shabby elementary school in a suburb of Beijingfor the children of rural migrant-workers. It was the first time for me to truly get toknow the people living in the bottom of society and to think deeply about theincreasingly urgent issue of "rural migrant workers" in my country.I enjoyed my year at Tsinghua University, where I had learned much, madefriends, participated in activities. I also believe the cross-cultural experience attwo universities of two countries helped me to become a both ethical and socially-responsible leader in the global community in my future, which I will sincerely valuefor lifetime.