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The Social Action Secretariat - Publications (1960)

Social Action at Manhattanville Home
Principles Versus Prejudices
National Federation of Catholic College Students
The Social Action Secretariat: Publications 1960

The Social Action Secretariat: Events 1960-1966
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Immediately following the placement of the Social Action Secretariat at Manhattanville College, members of the group began to compose a series of booklets to keep N.F.C.C.S. members informed of the most recent developments in social action issues. Racial discrimination was the first topic tackled by the Social Action Secretariat (S.A.S.).

John Lafarge, SJ letter to Mary T. Clark, RSJCThis letter, from John LaFarge, S.J. to Mary T. Clark, R.S.C.J.,  Faculty Advisor of the S.A.S., offers suggestions on establishing a strong organization on campus.

Discrimination Today Booklet 1Discrimination Today, Booklet 1: Student Action, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 2Discrimination Today, Booklet 2: Ethics and Religion, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 3Discrimination Today, Booklet 3: Education, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 4Discrimination Today, Booklet 4: Employment, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 5Discrimination Today, Booklet 5: Housing, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 6Discrimination Today, Booklet 6: Transporation, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 7Discrimination Today, Booklet 7: Lunch Counters, 1960.

Discrimination Today Booklet 8Discrimination Today, Booklet 8: Tools for Research, 1960.

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