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The Social Action Secretariat - Events (1960-1966)

Social Action at Manhattanville Home
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The Social Action Secretariat: Publications 1960

The Social Action Secretariat: Events 1960-1966
The Social Action Secretariat: Activism 1960-1966
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Centurion article on NFCCS workshop"NFCCS Social Action Secretariat to Hold Workshop Weekend On Racial Relations." The Centurion.

In addition to keeping member colleges updated on developments in social issues, the S.A.S. hosted countless lectures, discussions, workshops, and conferences.

members of the Social Action SecretariatSocial Action Secretariat, left to right: Patricia O'Grady, Denise Illig, Lani Phelan, Gail Goudey. 1960.

Centurion article on NFCCS Interracial Justice WeekInterracial Justice Week to Feature Film, Forum, Smoker On Negro Problems." The Centurion. March 17, 1961.

Interracial Justice Week was reinstated on campus in 1961. The S.A.S. created "kits" of articles, study booklets, posters, press releases, and other promotional materials for interested colleges to utilize for their own Interracial Justice Weeks.

Centurion atricle on the NFCCS Human Relations ConferenceHuman Relations Conference Features Ogden Reid, Rev. John LaFarge, S.J." The Centurion. October 25, 1961.

Centurion article on NFCCS promoting Racial Justice Week"Students Promote Racial Justice Week." The Centurion. Februrary 7, 1962.

Centurion article on NFCCS sponsoring Interracial Seminar"NFCCS to Sponsor Interracial Seminar." The Centurion. February 13, 1963.

This seminar on Race and Religion included guest speakers of both Jewish and Christian faiths.

President O'Byrne with Roy Wilkins and George HunterPresident Eleanor O'Byrne with Interracial Forum participants George Hunter and Roy Wilkins. February 17, 1963.

MvilleAlumnaeReviewthumbManhattanville Alumnae Review. Fall 1963.

This publication features several articles describing Manhattanville's various Civil Rights projects and endeavors.

NFCCSSASProgramthumbSocial Action Secretariat Program for 1965-1966. 1965. 

Once a year the S.A.S. reported accomplishments as well as outlining upcoming goals. This is a cumulative report, noting achievements from 1960-1965.

Mother Mary T. Clark's Article in the Manhattanville Alumnae ReviewMary T. Clark. "Campus Involvement in Social Action." Manhattanville Alumnae Review. Winter 1966.

This article describes the motivations and accomplishments of the Social Action Secretariat during its first six years.
"Members of the Secretariat considered that a student's approach to social problems should consist in an effort to understand them through lectures, seminars, discussion, and research."

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