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Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships are available to fully matriculated graduate students who possess demonstrated skills that will benefit the School of Education and other departments at Manhattanville College.

Due to the limited number of assistantships, the program is competitive. Positions will be reviewed each semester and changed as necessary based upon institutional needs and priorities. It is for these reasons that applicants are encouraged to indicate a wide skill range in their resumés and applications.


During the period of the assistantship, the cost of tuition for six (6) credits will be earned in exchange for 200 hours of work during the agreed upon semester. The hours must be completed prior to receiving reimbursement for six (6) credits. The monies earned as a result of the assistantship may be taxable and students will receive tax form at the end of the calendar year for tax reporting purposes.


  • Applicants must be matriculated in one of Manhattanville's graduate programs.
  • A Graduate Assistantship Application and resumé must be sent to the Manhattanville Graduate Assistantships Committee, Attn: Danielle Wachter, School of Education, 2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577.
  • Candidates will be chosen on the basis of their application, the needs of the department, and the ability to perform specific skills necessary to the college. Needs may change by semester or session.
  • No assistantship shall exceed two semesters and a summer session (a total of 18 credits).
  • Graduate Assistants must be prepared to take a minimum of 6 credits during the semester or summer session of their assistantship.
  • Students will continue to be responsible for fees and textbook costs during their assistantships.
  • If students want to work on campus beyond their assistantships, they will need to complete the 200 hours of the assistantship and then be placed on the College's taxed payroll. An assistantship, with the approval of the supervisor, may be completed before the end of the semester.