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thumb healthworks    The Master of Art in Physical Education and Sport  
   Pedagogy program requires specific facilities to insure that
   all students can obtain in-depth knowledge of their field. In 
   addition to the typical lecture/small group discussions
   common to most advanced degrees, this program will 
   make use of the gymnasium, weight room facilities, and/or
   the dance studio in order that candidates see the actual implementation of theory in teaching practices. The College has provided funding for a physical activity digital library where all faculty members can select from a wide variety of video packages and technology to enhance their lectures, in addition to offering the students a "hands-on" experience in the following settings:
thumb kennedy-gym    The Kennedy Gymnasium: includes gymnasium, 
   wrestling room, a spacious mirrored dance studio, weight
   training room, a 25 yd. six lane pool, and several 
   conference rooms adjacent to the classroom building.


thumb valiants-field    Outdoor fields: can provide ample space for field days
   involving 250 or more children. Our fields are well groomed
   and spacious. Our outdoor fields include baseball and 
   softball diamonds, lacrosse/field hockey, several utility
   fields, and six surfaced tennis courts.

Adventure Education programming for our graduate students has been secured using state-of-the-art facilities at a local school. All students will obtain a certificate of participation. Students are also required to secure documentation in First Aid and CPR. The American Red Cross makes these classes available to our students in Westchester County.

The Manhattanville College Library: Efforts have been made for the Library to carry a variety of nationally recognized journals in Physical Education. The main floor of the library also contains a coffee area and a comfortable student lounge for group work and discussions.

Our Classrooms: All rooms have access to video players (including the gymnasium), an overhead projector and screen as well as power point computer presentations.  Ample storage closets store physical education equipment and materials for school age children.

The Computing services at Manhattanville College are state of the art and are readily available to students.

BermanDance Thumb  The Berman Student Center Dance Studio



BermanWorkoutFacility Thumb  The Berman Student Center Workout Facility