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Jump Start - Accelerated Teacher Certification and Master's Program

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Jump Start NOW begins twice a start date is February 2015!


If you are interested in finding out more, come to our Information Session on December 3 or schedule an appointment to talk to us one-on-one by calling 914-323-7125.



What's Jump Start?
Jump Start is an accelerated teacher certification and Master's degree program. For 14 years, our accelerated program has been offered to students who are eager to work hard, attend accelerated classes three nights per week, and become full time teacher in only 7 months. The Jump Start program has traditionally begun only once year in February.

What's NEW in Jump Start?

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, Jump Start is excited to offer a second option that is more family and career friendly. The new Fall cohort will offer classes one night per week through Fall and Spring semesters and then accelerate to three nights per week for the summer. If you choose this option, you will be teaching in your own classroom in 12 months.

All Jump Start classes meet evenings, from 4:20pm to 9:30pm. Nearly all Jump Start teachers begin their teaching careers in the Bronx and Manhattan where the demand - and the rewards - are the greatest.

Call to schedule an informational appointment at 914-323-7125.

While teaching full time, students continue part-time coursework and complete a Master's degree and New York State Initial Certification. Jump Start offers teacher education programs for certification in:

  • Childhood / Special Education
  • English / Special Education
  • Social Studies / Special Education
  • Mathematics / Special Education *
  • Biology / Special Education *
  • Chemistry / Special Education *
  • Physics *
  • TESOL *
  • Spanish

Most of our students optimize their employment opportunities by earning an additional certification in Special Education.

Post-Masters Certifications are available to candidates who already have a Master's degree in their field and seek initial certification.

* Tuition discounts are available for students seeking to be certified in these high needs areas.

What makes Jump Start unique?
  • A cohort approach builds strong collaborative bonds among students and excellent relationships with faculty.
  • A series of workshops designed to facilitate your entry into teaching: applying for NYC for certification, writing a teaching resume, designing a demo lesson, and preparing for interviews.
  • A strong foundation of content and pedagogy, as well as field work and observation hours so you will be fully prepared to teach, even without a semester of student teaching.
  • A mentor who will visit you once a week in your own classroom, as well as a weekly seminar on campus where you will have the opportunity to share and discuss your teaching life.
  • Individual guidance throughout your program - from initial interview to final certification.


Important Links for Jump Start Students

Getting Started
Admission Information              
Tuition & Fees 
Certification Information
Job Search

Getting Started

What is Jump Start?
Jump Start is an accelerated teacher and Master's degree program. 

How do I figure out if I really want to be a teacher?
If you think you might want to teach, visit some schools, especially in culturally diverse districts. Talk to teachers who are working in the subject areas that you may be interested in and try to get a sense of what they do apart from their actual time in the classroom.  If the last time you were in a classroom was when you were a student, you are probably not ready to make the decision.

Can I keep my day job until I start teaching full time? What if I have family obligations?
Tricky question. You have to know yourself, how you handle competing responsibilities and how many different time commitments you can juggle. Attendance is mandatory. Your academic responsibilities will also include required readings, writing papers, and 100-150 hours of field observation in addition to the hours spent in class.

How long will my program take?
A member of the Fall cohort will enter the classroom the following September and graduate with a Master's and certification mid-way through the second year of teaching. Spring cohort members will enter the classroom in seven months and graduate with a Master's and certification mid-way through the second year of teaching. TESOL and Spanish teachers, the only subject areas that are not a dual certification, graduate a semester earlier. Please note that there are alternatives as you move through the program. Some students decide they would benefit from a traditional student teaching experience. Occasionally, students want to slow down and give themselves more time to do the coursework.

Are there opportunities to get into classrooms before I actually being to teach?
There are 100-150 hours of required field observation. You may also have the opportunity to acquire valuable experience by volunteering in summer school programs in your area. Summer experience not only increases your skills and confidence, it also makes you a stonger candidate in a job interview.

Admissions Information

How do I apply?
You can send in either a paper or an online application. Accompanying that application must be official transcripts from all institutions attended, two letters of recommendation (either academic or professional), a 2-3 page personal statement addressing why you would like to become a teacher, and the application fee. Once we have received all of your documents, your application will be processed and you will be invited in for an interview with the Director of Jump Start.

Will I get accepted into Jump Start?
There are many criteria that will determine whether you are a good candidate for our Jump Start program. As part of the admissions process, we will evaluate your undergraduate transcripts to review for missing certification requirements. We also consider your overall overall undergraduate GPA. The GPA requirement for admission into our program is a 3.0, but if your GPA was lower than that, don't be discouraged. We understand that you may have had life experiences in the years since you left college. We can talk! In addition to your GPA, we are looking for students who will become good teachers. We interview every candidate to discuss whether you are prepared for the intensity of the program, and together we can determine if you are a good fit for Jump Start.

How do I know if I have the right co-requisites to get certified?
As part of the application process, we will evaluate your undergraduate and graduate transcripts to determine if you are missing any New York State certification requirements. You may need to take additional undergraduate coursework before or during your Master's program.  

What is the difference between the Jump Start and the traditional Master's degree program?
In the Jump Start program, you will be teaching in your own classroom in 7 or 12 months, depending on when you begin. You will continue to take courses while you are teaching in order to complete your Master's degree and certification requirements. The biggest difference is that there is no student teaching component in Jump Start.  

What if I've never taken an Education course before?
You do not need prior experience or education coursework to enter the program.

Tuition and Fees

How much will this program cost?
In Fall 2011, our tuition is $895 per credit. Our programs range from 39 credits to 47 credits (for dual certification programs). There will be some additional fees for books, workshops, etc.

Are there scholarships and financial aid available?
Yes. There are several ways within the Jump Start program: 

  • 30% discount for students interested in obtaining certification in science, math and TESOL;
  • NEW! Officially one of the newest Paul D. Coverdell Fellows colleges, Manhattanville will provide a 50% tuition reduction for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Please check with the financial aid office for all financial aid questions.

Certification Information

How do I get my NY State certification to teach?
Before classes begin, we will help you set up an online TEACH account with New York State and we will walk you through the steps of getting fingerprinted, filling out applications, and taking the required exams. When you have secured a full time teaching position and have a letter of hire from a school, we will recommend you for an NYS Internship Certificate. You may teach under this certificate for two years. Once you have completed your Master's degree and all certification requirements, we will upload your recommendation for your NY State Initial Certification.

What exams do I have to take to be certified in New York State?
New NY State certification exams were introduced in 2013. All candidates need to take a series of exams covering content and pedagogy. Click here to find out more. Jump Start offers a series of workshops, newsletters and support that will help you prepare for your exams and make sure you know when to take them.

Job Search

How do I find a job?
We receive notifications about job vacancies and we will send them on to you but you will need to actively search for a position. We'll help you with resumes and interviews and make sure you are on track as we guide you through the process of certification. Actual hiring decisions, however, are made solely by the individual school districts and/or principals.

Does everyone in the program get a job?
Yes. Everyone who continues the job search finds a job. Some students elect to postpone the job search and stay in their current jobs, and some students decide to switch into more traditional teacher preparation programs, and occasionally some students decide to work as a substitute teacher or teacher assistant for a year to get more experience.

Where are the jobs?
Historically, 80% of our Jump Start students find their first jobs in the Bronx. We understand that many of you may be hesitant, but here's a statistic that will knock your socks off - almost 75% of the Jump Start teachers who start in the Bronx, stay there!