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Internship Opportunities

Bedford Internship Opportunities  

Yearlong Internship Program

  • White Plains School District, New York
  • The Eagle Hill School, Greenwich, CT

Students selected for this program will be interns who satisfy the Manhattanville School of Education (SOE) eligibility requirements for student teaching.

Interns will engage in supervised teaching for 70 days and substitute teaching for 100 days each year. During the supervised teaching semester, the intern will work collaboratively with a college supervisor and a master teacher from the sponsoring school. The supervised teacher must successfully complete all requirements established by the SOE, including the development of a professional portfolio and the weekly submission of a daily journal. The intern will be with one teacher during the supervised teaching experience.

Substitute teaching will be a part of the internship requirement. Interns serving as substitute teachers will be expected to substitute in those areas in which the intern is seeking certification. However, interns can also be asked to substitute in other areas and do other related activities as determined by the sponsoring school.

Interns will receive a stipend over a period of ten months, from September through June.

Interns will be expected to attend a weekly seminar during their supervised teaching semester at Manhattanville College taught by a college supervisor, either Fall or Spring semester. Interns must sign a contract committing to the entire school year.

Interns must apply to be accepted into this program. Criteria will include:

- Recommendation by a faculty member
- Completion of the internship application
- Passing score on the LAST and ATS-W
- Minimum of 3.75 GPA
- Personal interview with a representative of the sponsoring school and the SOE

A committee of representatives from the SOE and the sponsoring school will make the decision. The interns who successfully complete the program will be guaranteed an interview by the sponsoring school for possible employment.