Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Request Form for Second-Billing Address

If you need a copy of your statement or need it sent to a second party please fill out and fax or e-mail form (from a Manhattaville e-mail address) to 914-323-5384 or , emailed forms must be sent from a Manhattanville e-mail address.  Request must be renewed yearly.

Statement Request Form


Name of Student_____________________________________

Student ID Number___________________________________

Name of Person statement is to be sent to if different from the student:




______1. Pick up – Manhattanville College Student Accounts office.
Student ID is required to pick statement up in person.

______2. U.S. Mail – Your duplicate(s) statement will be mailed to the address you provided above.

 ______3. PDF via Email – Your duplicate(s) statement will be emailed to the

address you provide.
Email address:____________________________________________

Student Signature__________________________Date___________