Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Student Accounts
 Welcome to the Student Accounts Office at Manhattanville College

The Office of Student Accounts is dedicated to providing all students with excellent service, in a friendly and timely manner while maintaining internal controls to ensure transactions are accurately processed and records are properly maintained.

The Student Accounts Office performs the following functions for the College:

  • Responsible for all Student Accounts Receivables,.
  • Billing & Collection of Payments.
  • Coordinates fee assessment and the billing process.
  • Process Private Scholarships.
  • Applies Financial Aid Funds to Student’s Accounts.
  • Process and Disburses Refunds.
  • Perkins Loan Processing.
  • Administers Financial Holds on Student Accounts.
  • 1098T Tax Forms.
  • Dispersing Room Lottery Clearance Slips.We are located in Reid Hall on the third floor in rooms 318, 322, and 323