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Where is Manhattanville College located?

Manhattanville College is 25 miles north of New York City, 5 minutes from White Plains, and 15 minutes from Greenwich, CT.

What if I don't have any Education experience and have a degree in Engineering or another non-liberal arts field?

You do not need prior experience in education to become a teacher. Please contact graduate advising for more information.

Which degree programs do you offer?

The Graduate SOE offers Masters Degree programs in the following areas:

  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in:
  • Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2)
  • Childhood (Grades 1-6)
  • Early Childhood & Childhood (Birth-Grade 2 & Grades 1-6)
  • Middle Childhood/Adolescence Education (Grades 5-12): English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Grades 7-12)
  • Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Italian, Latin)
  • Music Education (All Grades)
  • Visual Arts Education (All Grades)
  • Physical Education & Sports Pedagogy (All Grades)
  • Masters in Professional Studies (MPS) in:
  • Special Education: Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2)
  • Special Education: Childhood (Grades 1-6)
  • Special Education: Early Childhood & Childhood (Grades Birth-Grade 2) and (Grades 1-6)
  • Special Education: Middle Childhood/Adolescence (Grades 5-12)
  • Childhood and Special Education (Grades 1-6)
  • Middle Childhood/Adolescence Education and Special Education (Grades 5-12) & English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies
  • TESOL (All Grades)
  • TESOL (Adult & International Settings)
  • Literacy Specialist (Birth –Grade 6)
  • Literacy Specialist (Grades 5-12)
  • Literacy (Birth-Grade 6) & Special Education Childhood (Grades 1-6)
  • Literacy (Grades 5-12) & Special Education (Grades 5-12)
  • Educational Leadership
  • Literacy Specialist (Grades Birth –Grade 6)
  • Literacy Specialist (Grades 5-12)
  • Masters of Educational Studies (M.Ed.) (does not lead to NYS certification)
  • Post Masters Certification (PMC) program for people who already have a Masters Degree, in the following areas:
  • Middle Childhood/Adolescence Education in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Grades 5-12), Second Languages (Grades 7-12)
  • Visual Arts Education (All Grades)
  • Music Education (All Grades)
  • TESOL (All Grades)
  • Special Education: Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2)
  • Special Education: Childhood (Grades 1-6)
  • Special Education: Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) & Childhood (Grades 1-6)
  • Special Education: Middle School Generalist (Grades 5-9)
  • Literacy (Birth-Grade 6)
  • Literacy (Grades 5-12)
  • Professional Diploma (PD) in:
  • Educational Leadership (School Building Leadership)
  • Educational Leadership (School District Leadership, District Athletic Director)
  • Educational Leadership (SDL, or SBL and SDL)
  • Advanced Certificates in:
  • Teacher Leaders
  • School District Leader
  • Bilingual Education (Childhood/Spanish)

For more information, please see the School of Education Graduate Catalog.

What is the difference between an MAT, MPS, PMC, and PD?

  • A Masters in the Art of Teaching (MAT) is a degree concentrated in the liberal studies, such as (but not limited to) English, Mathematics and Science.
  • A Masters in Professional Studies (MPS) is a degree concentrated in an applied field of study such as Special Education, Literacy or TESOL.
  • A Post-Masters Certification (PMC) is for students currently holding a liberal arts graduate degree, but wishes to become certified in a new area of interest in education.
  • A Professional Diploma is for Leadership candidates holding graduate degrees and seeking certification in School Leadership.

When are classes offered?

At Manhattanville we offer courses in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer semesters. Registration begins in April for Summer and Fall, and in November for Winter and Spring. Most of the graduate courses run from 4:20pm – 6:50pm and 7pm – 9:30pm. Occasionally classes run during the daytime; however, not every program will offer this option. To view the current semester schedule, please visit WebAdvisor.

What is the Admissions process?

The first and easiest step is to get and fill out an application from the School of Education. You can obtain this information from the Manhattanvile Web Site or by calling our Graduate Admissions office at (914) 323-5142. Some students elect to come in to meet with an Admissions Counselor; this is not a mandatory step but can be quite helpful if you are unsure of what program to choose.


What documents do I need to apply to the School of Education?

To apply to the SOE you will need to supply the following to Graduate Admissions:

  • An application
  • Application fee
  • 2 confidential letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions
  • Personal statement

For additional information on the application process for the graduate program, please visit the Graduate School of Education Admissions page.


Is there a deadline to apply to the School of Education?

No. The Graduate SOE has rolling admissions. You can begin your studies at the beginning of any of our semesters.


Is there a minimum GPA I need to have in order to be accepted?

Yes. Students who would like to apply to the SOE must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better to be considered for admission.


Do I need a Bachelors degree to be eligible for graduate admission?

Yes. Prospective students must hold a Bachelors degree, or higher, from an accredited institution to matriculate into a graduate program at Manhattanville.

I just submitted my application, how long will it take to have a decision?

When an application is received an applicant file is created. An applicant file is not finished and ready to be reviewed for acceptance until all credentials (recommendations, transcripts, and essay) are received in our office. Once an applicant file is complete the Admissions Committee will review and render a decision. This process normally takes about one week. Decision letters are mailed directly to the student with instructions outlining their next steps for advising and/or financial aid.

What are the program requirements?

Each program is different, but there are a few basic pre-requisites. Manhattanville requires all students to successfully complete a course in child or adolescent development. New York State requires student to have successfully completed 6 credits in a language other than English (including sign language), and to have completed coursework in math, science, literature, social studies, visual or performing arts, communication, written analysis and expression. The New York State requirements do vary from program to program. Almost all of the programs require a significant amount of coursework (30 credits) in the content specialty area.

Does Manhattanville have an accelerated Masters Degree program?

Yes. Jump Start, an accelerated Masters Degree program for adults, is primarily designed for career changers, but may be appropriate in other circumstances.

How long will my program take?

The traditional Masters Degree programs at Manhattanville typically take about two (2) years to complete.

How many classes can I take?

The average student takes six (6) credits in one semester especially if they have work or family obligations. Nine (9) credits is considered full- time.

Can I take classes if I have not been accepted into the program yet?

Yes, we allow students to take up to 6 credits on what we refer to as a "non-matriculated" basis. Some students opt to take classes on a non-matriculated basis while they are waiting for their applicant file to become complete. Please note that taking classes on a non-matriculated basis does not insure acceptance into our program.

How will I know what classes to take and are there advisors that I can meet with?

You will meet with an advisor in the Graduate Advising Office once you matriculate and register for your first classes. The advisors will assist you with your program and all certification issues. It is mandatory to meet with an advisor every semester to ensure that you are taking the correct coursework as well as staying up-to-date with all your other requirements.

Are there any services for students with disabilities?

A graduate student with a disability must identify himself/herself and present documentation to the Director of Disability Services. Dial 914-323-7127 to arrange appropriate accommodations. The office is in Founder's Hall Room G 32B. The fax number is 914.323.5338.

Can I use my previous student teaching as my student teaching placement in my masters degree?

No. All Masters degrees require a Manhattanville supervised student teaching experience. Previous student teaching credits may not transfer into your current program.

Can I use my current teaching job as my student teaching placement?

Possibly. Students who are teachers in an accredited school and teaching in the area of their degree may be able to use their own classrooms as their student teaching sites. Please check with the Student and Supervised Teaching office for more information.

What is the tuition?

Please visit Tuition and Fees page for the School of Education.

Can I get financial aid?

Financial aid is available for fully matriculated students only. For information about Financial Aid please call 914-323-5357, or visit the Scholarships & Discounts page.

I've applied to the NY State Dept of Education for certification on my own and was told that I need to take a few more classes. Can I take them at Manhattanville?

Yes. You may take classes to fulfill your certification needs.

Will you recommend me for initial certification?

Manhattanville will recommend you for Initial Certification once you have successfully completed your Masters degree, and have fulfilled all NYS certification requirements.

Am I automatically certified once I pass my exams?

No. You must go online to to apply for your certification. Once you have completed your Masters Degree program at Manhattanville and all certification requirements, we will recommend you for certification.

Is there an office on-campus that can help me with my job search?

Yes. The Center for Career Development (located in Founders Hall) provides services and resources for writing resumes and cover letters, interview preparation workshops, and much more. To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor please call 914-323-5484.

What if I move out of New York State or want to teach in another state?

Manhattanville is accredited by the national organization, NCATE. A Manhattanville Masters is recognized by almost all states. You may have to take additional tests or meet other requirements depending on the specific state in which you will teach. Please contact the Department of Education directly in the state in which you are seeking certification.