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Teaching Languages Other Than English

The Teaching of Foreign Languages Other than English program has received national recognition from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Teaching and learning Foreign Languages becomes ever more important in our increasingly interdependent and multilingual world. Teaching Foreign Languages offers teachers relative autonomy and opportunities to collaborate in integrating curriculum, along with the opportunity to become acquainted with students and families from diverse cultural backgrounds.   Language is the human hallmark and multilingualism is the normal experience of most of the world's people.

Our purpose is to prepare teachers able to meet the challenges of today's linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms.  The Foreign Language program prepares teachers who:

  • Have a solid knowledge of language, language acquisition, and culture
  • Have a large repertoire of effective teaching strategies
  • Have an understanding of NYS and professional standards
  • Can foster ongoing assessment
  • Value language and multilingualism
  • Can foster integrative learning communities 

Certification in Teaching Foreign Language in the Elementary School

We offer the course EDU 5245 Teaching Foreign Language in the Elementary School every Fall semester.  This 3-credit course enables those who are certified in teaching a Foreign Language to extend their grades 7-12 certificate through K-6, by applying to NYS ED for the extension via individual evaluation upon completion of the course.

All candidates for initial certification are required to complete all relevant NYS Liberal Arts pre-requisites, including 12 credits of Foreign Language and a course in Child or Adolescent Development, and NYS certification exams. In addition, all candidates must successfully complete an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) as well as a Written Proficiency Test. Please check with Graduate Advising to register.