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Special Education Comprehensive Exam Guidelines

Students accepted into the special education program after July 1, 2007 will be required to complete a comprehensive examination after they have completed the following courses:

EDU 5393: Foundations of Special Education. Please note, some students have been waived from this course as they have completed equivalent introductory courses in special education. They will however be responsible for the content in this area and it is suggested that they contact their advisor to determine a study plan in this area.

EDU 5083:  Assessment of Students with Learning and Behavior Problems

EDU 5088:  Introduction to Students with Learning and Behavior Problems

EDU 5130:  Classroom Management in Special Education

Students must complete the comprehensive examination in these basic courses before being allowed to enroll beyond 18 credits in special education. It is suggested that the comprehensive be taken in the semester in which you are completing the last of these four courses. The content of the exam will be taken from the texts required in each of these courses so that variation between sections taught by different faculty members will not be an issue determining your performance.

The exam itself will consist of approximately 100 multiple choice questions and one written essay.