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Adventure Training


EDU 5088 and the Adventure Training Course Option

As an optional activity relative to EDU 5088: Introduction to Students with Learning and Behavior Problems, students enrolled in the course may select a research project wherein they examine the efficacy of team and self-confidence building approaches in improving the self-efficacy, self-esteem, and social skills of students with learning and behavioral challenges. In conjunction with this option, this spring, Professor Austin and several of his graduate special education students participated in an all-day Adventure Training experience at Hofstra University. In a debriefing session following the training workshop, all of the participants reported the experience as both exhilarating and very relevant and worthwhile. The graduate special education student participants included: Craig Brendli, Meaghan Hosford, Julie Minerva, Cheryl Orifici, Christina Pope, and Regina Tannure.

Professor Austin and the Department of Special Education, in collaboration with Professor Brian Clocksin, Director of the Adventure Training Program at Hofstra University, will continue to provide this experience as an optional activity to enhance the curriculum of both the course and program.


adventuretraining2 adventuretraining3

Regina Tannure at the Adventure Training experience at Hofstra University


Julie Minerva

Christina Pope

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Craig Brendli

Cheryl Orifici


Meaghan Hosford