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Frederick Heckendorn, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

HeckendornFrederick 130x150 jpgDr. Frederick Heckendorn has been a consistent and practical advocate for the social studies throughout his varied career in the classroom. The key components of his teaching approach are experiential learning and reflection. His classes become potential models for secondary education classrooms where active learning, collaborative activities, meta-cognition (thinking about your thinking), and personal interactions are prominent characteristics. His extensive curricular knowledge spills over into the lessons and units as students' thinking and reflections focus on specific content or situations.

As a former public school educator on Long Island, he taught all levels of secondary social studies from grades 7 - 12. He was a chair of a high school social studies department and a middle school assistant principal where he supervised social studies in addition to other subjects. He worked in three separate suburban school districts, each with its own organizational and philosophical plan.

Dr. Heckendorn teaches the general secondary methods courses during the fall semester. During the spring semester he teaches the Social Studies Specific Methods and Fundamentals of Middle School courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.