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Social Studies Education

The Social Studies Education Department at Manhattanville College prepares undergraduate and graduate students to teach secondary students in grades 5-12 as we focus on multiple disciplines: history, economics, political science, geography, sociology, and anthropology. The Social Studies department recognizes the intellectual and emotional components of teaching as mutually supporting. This curriculum is by nature interdisciplinary. Each student's success will more likely occur if s/he continually addresses six key components in teaching: planning, content, strategies, caring, flexibility, and formative assessment

The department's goal is to create a classroom community in every one of his courses where each student in the class feels safe enough to become actively involved. This classroom community is founded upon mutual respect and trust. Students are challenged to construct knowledge as they study educational writers with a particular focus on making the theoretical practical enough to be useful in the classroom. Some of the writers that are stressed include: Dewey, Vygotsky, Gardner, Piaget, Skinner, Noddings, Ravitsh, and Wiggens.

Varied active learning techniques are employed such as: station lessons, challenging visuals, interdisciplinary approaches, debates and discussions, the important of students' writing for Do Now activities and the entire Common Core thrust, interior monologues, collaborations, written reflections, SmartBoard and Blackboard technology, and Backwards Design in lesson planning. Students address the importance of EdTPA and how it impacts the social studies curriculum.