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Health & Wellness Specialist

Advanced Certificate Program

(18 credits)

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This advanced certification program consists of an organized series of graduate-level courses designed to increase the content knowledge of individuals teaching health classes in K-12 school settings.

Specialists will be exposed to a holistic view of both individual and societal health. This is accomplished through three courses focused on personal health and an additional three courses focused on community health. Modern health issues are researched to promote an increased awareness of current health trends.

This program is grounded in experiential learning and aims to foster understanding of this dynamic field. Throughout the program, the student will participate in various learning activities, including: 50 observation hours, interviews, field assignments, presentations, tests, article reviews, community explorations, and panel discussions about weekly readings. Based on most Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy curriculum, these additional classes complete the targeted 30 credits of content knowledge in health that New York State requires for certifying health teachers.

Upon completion of this series of content courses, the student will be able to apply for an initial health certificate for individual evaluations by the Department of Education of New York State.

The Program Will Provide:

  • An innovative approach to health with a focus on educating candidates to become innovative and progressive health advocates in their respective communities
  • An advanced understanding of health promotion professionalism and ethical behavior in health education
  • Information on how to use technology to enhance existing health education curriculum
  • Creative strategies for promoting healthfulness in the school and local community
  • An advanced understanding of all national and state health content standards
  • An understanding of culturally responsive teaching practices for diverse student populations within urban health class settings
  • Multiple methods of presenting concepts to enhance communication skills for teaching diverse populations in schools and in health education classes


  • HLT 5100: Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco: Use, Abuse & Prevention (3 Credits)
  • MLT 5050: Sexuality in Modern Society (3 Credits)
  • HLT 5150: Advanced Personal Health (3 Credits)
  • HLT 5200: Community Health (3 Credits)
  • HLT 5250: Analysis of Human Disease (3 Credits)
  • HLT 5300: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being (3 Credits)

Advanced Certificate is registered with...
The State Education Department/
The University Of The State Of New York
Albany, NY 12234

  • Convenient Evening Hours - (4:20-6:50) & (7:00-9:30)
  • Year round classes
  • Financial Aid Available
  • Designed to be completed in 1 year!

Admission Requirements:

The program follows the School of Education’s Admission process, procedures and requirements identified for all graduate programs. All candidates must have not less than a 3.0 graduate grade point average upon entrance. Admission considerations are based on a comprehensive review of multiple criteria that includes the following assessments:

  • An interview with the Program Director
  • A completed Graduate Application
  • A Master’s Degree from an accredited institution
  • Two professional letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s character and capabilities

For information contact:

Dr. Robert Schmidlein,
Program Director
(914) 323-7215


Jeanine Pardey-Levine,
Director of Graduate Admissions
(914) 323-5142


Q: I was on the NYSED website and saw you need 30 Credits in Health Content. Why is your program only 18?
As Physical Educators and Biology teachers the course work you have already taken can count toward your individual evaluation. (Nutrition, Child/Human Development, Anatomy and Physiology, etc)

Q: Does this program recommend me for an initial health certificate?
Following completion of these classes you can apply for the individual review path, which normally takes 2-5 months.

Q: Do I have to “student teach” again?
Since Manhattanville is not recommending you for certification, this program does not require student teaching.