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Masters in Educational Studies

The Master's in Education Degree in Educational Studies is a unique program designed for those who work with children, but are not interested in seeking certification as classroom teachers or public school administrators. The 30-credit M.ED. program offers opportunities for individuals with at least a baccalaureate degree who are seeking a master's in professional education and who are interested in career advancement in such education-related fields as children's publishing and media, journalism and reporting, higher education, counseling-related professions, museums, libraries, government,, law enforcement, summer camps and youth sports, Early Childhood administration, and not-for-profit organizations.

Coursework includes a variety of topics related to foundations of education, multicultural education, ethics and social responsibility, educational technology, and leadership.  The program includes electives allowing a substantial focus on the individual's area of interest, and builds up to a creative yet practical, individualized research project or internship.

Some of our current students are working in college libraries and in public libraries, in teacher training for a major education publisher, in college student life, and in early childhood and special education administration.