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EDAD 5000
Schools as Learning Organizations (3 credits)

This course introduces the basic vision of the MPS program: to develop in participants the ability to view schools and school districts as systems that have the capacity to become Learning Organizations. Researcher Peter Senge's five disciplines (systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning) are explored in depth with practical applications for participants' organizational contexts. 

EDAD 5009
Technology For Administrators (3 credits)

This course strives to prepare current/prospective K-12 administrators to use information technologies effectively and efficiently in order to support student learning and professional productivity.  This hands-on course is designed to move participants from theory to practice and to assist them in the application of technology skills and knowledge that will support the needs of their current school communities and future leadership settings.
EDAD 5200
Issues and Trends in Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)

This course examines contextual issues, current trends, and promising educational practices that school leaders should consider when embarking on curricular and instructional design changes.  Curriculum development will be examined by evaluating the structure and content of the curriculum, the effectiveness of the delivery system, its overall alignment with the school system's learning priorities, and the corresponding relationship between curricular priorities and teacher professional development and supervisory practices.  Effective instructional design that supports differentiation, integrates learning and child development theories, and proven "best practices"  will be emphasized.
EDAD 5220
School Law (3 credits)

This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic legal principles governing the structure and operation of public and non-public schools and the legal problems encountered in the day-to-day operation of schools.  It is designed to give students an understanding of statutory and regulatory requirements of schools as well as the ethical standards required for effective leadership. Students will be exposed to practical implementation of the law through policy development and other strategies to resolve conflict and effect change.
EDAD 5050
School Finance (3 credits)

This course combines an introduction to sound business practices in schools that includes basic accounting and budget procedures and provides an overview of basic personnel functions such as hiring, supervision, termination, and collective bargaining. The influence of larger contextual issues that include economic, political, and demographic factors in the financing of education will be explored.
EDAD 5222
The Principalship (3 credits)

EDAD 5502
School Building Internship (2 credits)

EDAD 5503
School District Internship (2 credits)

EDAD 5501
Community Internship (2 credits)

EDAD 5221
Human Resources (3 credits)

EDAD 5210
Ethically and Socially Responsible Supervision (3 Credits)

EDAD 5016
Data I (3 credits)

The Superintendency (3 credits)

EDAD 5051
Communications and Public Relations (1 credit)

EDAD 5052
Understanding and Using Research (1 credit)