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Patricia Vardin, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

VardinPatricia 130x150 jpgDr. Vardin is Chair of the Early Childhood Education Department at Manhattanville College where she teachers undergraduate and graduate courses in child development, assessment, curriculum and research.

She is the creator of ChildChart, an innovative system using a Palm Pilot to monitor the progress of young children in the early childhood classroom. ChildChart is currently represented by Childcraft, Inc. She is also the author and designer of a model early childhood program, The Comprehensive Early Childhood Education Model , which is currently being implemented in three schools in New York.

Dr Vardin has written a number of articles and spoken at numerous international, national and local conferences on a range of early childhood education topics. She has served as a consultant to educational organizations as well as businesses. She is also a frequent guest expert for the media. She has more than 25 years of experience working with young children, students, teachers, parents and administrators. She is a member of numerous educational organizations and has served on a number of boards devoted to the education and welfare of young children.